Inspecting the Crawlspace | A Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

A lot of homeowners in Hendersonville, TN, don’t go into their crawl space most often. This is simply because there’s a need for them to go into the crawlspace most of the time. Crawl spaces can be a time capsule into the history of a home. Previous renovations, as well as home improvements, project, leave traces in this part of your home.

Mind The Gap

Tennessee Home Inspection

When Inspection an electrical panel or sub-panel, one that we commonly see and call out are gaps as seen primarily on the right column here. These can create safety issues especially when there are little ones around. This is from an inspection recently completed, where a brief discussion was held with the occupants to help […]

Some food storage is better than…

Tennessee Home Inspection

Entering into this small crawlspace of this 50’s built home was a nice little set of shelves. On several shelves appears canned food that was still sealed! While not all had dates some appeared to have been canned more than 40 years ago! Great canning work although it might be time to refresh those.

Unwanted forest underneath

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This home inspection was done on beautiful brand new, recently occupied larger home. While the normal living spaces were beautiful, getting under the home uncovered unwanted issues. This home had several chambers of crawl space. After working through the first two areas way in the back a real moisture problem arose. The crawlspace had dehumidifiers […]