When you’re searching for your dream home, it’s important to check for a wide variety of different things. Factors like the number of rooms, or perhaps the garden space, can all be important to your personal needs. However, it can also be essential to look out for any issues, too. A home inspector in Nashville TN can help you identify and resolve these issues.

While there are a variety of different problems that you could encounter when house hunting, it’s always imperative to look out for ones relating to plumbing. Whether it’s an issue with a particular pipe or bad installation that needs to be changed, there are quite a few ways that things might not be ideal when a home inspector in Nashville TN is looking for potential complications.

What are some easily noticeable symptoms of plumbing issues?

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
leaking plumbing fixture | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

Fortunately for those who aren’t quite sure on what to look out for, there are a few tell-tale signs when a plumbing problem is likely. A If you’re viewing a house, or are in the process of buying a property and want to double-check, don’t overlook common indicators like:

1. A dripping faucet

This is one of the most common issues people encounter when buying properties, as well as in their existing homes. The majority of people don’t quite realise how much trouble these can pose – both initially and down the line. While it may certainly seem like a minor inconvenience, it could easily waste hundreds of gallons of water – and as you can imagine, this could have quite an impact on your bills.

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Dripping faucet | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

If the rubber or silicone washers are old, they may be the issue. Often, as time goes by, they can become stiff and break, allowing water to get out and cause a small drip or leak to come through. High water pressure can also be a common cause of this, too. At first, it may not seem like a huge deal, but if left long enough, it could have an effect on the valve seat and get to a point where you’ll need to replace the entire fixture. A home inspector in Nashville TN can help you identify this issue, and give you the details as to how bad it is.

2. Low pressure when running water

While high water pressure is something to be aware of, it’s also worth noting that low water pressure can pose a whole other issue on its own. This is something that you can easily become used to over time, but when you’re looking at a home with fresh eyes, it’s generally far simpler to notice an issue like this in the beginning, when you run the water a little.

A build-up of residue in an old pipe is one of the most common reasons why low water pressure occurs. This can often be simple enough to fix; simply remove the faucet aerator or shower head, clean off debris or deposits and screw it back in place. If you still have low pressure after this, it could be a far more serious issue that needs the experience of a professional. Luckily, a home inspector in Nashville TN can alert you to the seriousness of the issue.

3. Stains and musty smells

One obvious symptom of a plumbing issue is stains on walls, ceilings, or floors and a musty smell. You can even get an idea of how long the leak has been going on for, depending on how dark the stained patch is. Often, this is caused by a leaking pipe within the walls, which you should generally aim to solve as soon as possible if you’re planning on buying the property.

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Fungus growing due to moisture in crawlspace | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

Pipes tend to run throughout a home, so it’s important to try and decipher where the leak might be. Another possible sign is cracked, mildewed grout or caulk – and it’s best to replace or repair any damaged materials as soon as possible to prevent the stain and any rot from spreading further.

Bear in mind that if marks are on the ceiling, a leak could be coming from the roof (depending on the type of property), but this could be another, non-plumbing related issue. The source of a leak can be identified by a home inspector in Nashville TN who will be able to advise you on how serious the cause is.

4. Slow draining sinks/toilets

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Effects of leaking pipes | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

Another very common problem is clogged pipes – and one of the main issues that can cause this is unnecessary items being flushed away. There are many things that aren’t supposed to go into your lavatory or down drain holes; from hair and dental floss, to toilet paper and paper towels. Despite this, many people still flush or wash them away without realising the damage that can be caused when their pipes get clogged. A home inspector in Nashville TN can identify whether any pipes are clogged.

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Leaking Pipe | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

Lead, iron and galvanized pipes are all strong and generally highly resistant to breaking, but this can also cause them to easily get clogged when materials that are not supposed to be there get jammed inside. However while strong a home inspector in Nashville TN will still note these types of plumbing as there are other issues that a home inspector in Nashville TN should be identifying. This can include internal rust, lead poison, or other potential issues.

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Some remaining cast iron | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

Be careful of the damages that they could cause

The plumbing issues mentioned above are just a few good examples of ones that are fairly easy to notice, but that doesn’t mean that they can be any less damaging if left unattended.

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Evidence of moisture from floor above | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

There are a wide variety of serious damages that these could cause to a property if left untreated. Whether it’s something easy to spot like mould growing on the wall or even an obstacle that’s further from sight building up, it’s important to recognise the signs to ensure that you can put a stop to them.

Otherwise, you could have a much more severe issue on your hands a few years down the line (or even sooner, depending on how long the problems have been left to worsen already).

How a sewer scope could help you

A sewer scope is something that’s important to undertake in a home every once in a while, as it can be an accurate way of finding out if your plumbing is running as it should. When it comes to your future home, it can be well worth getting this type of inspection carried out by a home inspector in Nashville TN for peace of mind.

While not many people understand what a sewer scope is, it’s not too complicated. Often, an inspector will take a small camera and attach it to the end of a hose (or drain snake) and put it down the sewer line of the home, capturing and recording footage of what the inside of the pipes looks like. From this, they can get all the information they need on their condition. This technology allows a home inspector in Nashville TN to have a clear understanding of the plumbing situation.

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Moisture from leaking in floor above | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

What should you expect during a home plumbing inspection?

If you hire a home inspector in Nashville TN to check the plumbing of the property (as well as any other aspects of the house), it’s important to know the types of services that you’re likely to receive from them.

A home inspector in Nashville TN will examine your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms that water is supposed to travel to and from, as well as the sinks, baths, showers and toilets. They may also want to check the house’s water filtration systems and storage tank too – and it’s best if they do. They should also inspect supply lines, exposed plumbing and fixtures.

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incorrect plumbing | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

A home inspector in Nashville TN will also offer sewer scope services, which is certainly worth having at the same time as general plumbing checks around the property.

It’s always best to look out for someone who’s trusted and certified in what they do to take care of the plumbing inspection, as a professional’s experience is likely to be invaluable. You should always pick a home inspector in Nashville TN that has a high reputation.

What should you do if there are plumbing issues?

If you’re hoping to buy a home and have the money, it might be worth purchasing the property and working on solving the issues a home inspector in Nashville TN identified during the inspection out of your own pocket. This may not always seem like the most desirable option, especially after buying the house, but it’s well worth it to ensure that you can get your dream home without having to worry about conditions worsening or problems arising in the near future.

Even if there aren’t any noticeable problems, it’s always best to hire a home inspector in Nashville TN to give you a run down on the things that need fixing – if there are any. From there, it’s your job to repair any damages or make any necessary replacements.

Home Inspector in Nashville TN
Wet Crawlspace | Home Inspector in Nashville TN

What are the general costs of fixing plumbing issues?

If there are any problems that are going to need to be fixed, it’s best to get them rectified sooner rather than later. However, you may be worried about the cost; especially if you’re already looking to pay a lot for the house in the first place.

Typically, the price of plumbing jobs can vary greatly from one situation to another. Each one is different and will therefore require a specialist approach or more work – and depending on the task at hand, this can either add or subtract from the overall fee. A home inspector in Nashville TN can give you an idea as to the estimated cost that a job may have.

The factors that can have the biggest effect on plumbing fees include:

● Your location (as well as how close the plumber is to you)

● The type and size of the issue/job

● The materials and equipment needed to fix and/or replace fixtures

It’s also worth considering the fact that some plumbers charge on an hourly basis, while others offer a fixed fee depending on the tasks that they have to take care of. Weekends and public holidays can cost more too, so be wary of this when hiring someone to assess or undertake repairs on your home.

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