Many factors significantly affect a home’s sale price, including the roof’s life expectancy. Some people who are buying a home cannot help but focus on the property’s layout and aesthetics. They forget one vital consideration – home repairs. Roofing, in particular, needs replacement after about two to five decades. But this is dependent on the roofing materials used, weather conditions, and climate. You can expect the asking price to be cut off when the roof is often exposed to hurricanes, hail, and snow.

Looking for a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN? That One Inspector is going to discussing roofs and how to know when you need a new one. Contact a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN.

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You’d be fortunate if the house you are likely to buy is properly maintained. Houses that are inspected periodically tend to last longer. Supposing your eyes are already set on a specific house, but you are uncertain of its roofing condition, you need to look for a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN to assist you.

Types Of Roofing Materials

A Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN says you need to understand the roofing system of a home that you are about to own. It’s a must that you know how long the roof is expected to last. As a buyer and a potential new owner of a home, you need to consider the offered price. You don’t want to incur additional expenses to repair or replace the roof soon after the deal is closed.

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To have an idea on how you can negotiate for the asking price, have a professional Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN look into the home’s roofing materials and condition. This is highly suggested for a new homeowner, or you plan on renovating in the future.

There are many types of roofing materials. These include:

 Solar Tiles

 Metal roofing

 Slate

 Stone-Coated Steel

 Clay Tiles

 Concrete Tiles

 Rubber Slate

 Built-Up Roofing

 Green Roofs

But out of all these materials, the Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN says the most commonly used are asphalt shingles and two of its variety, the 3-tab shingles, and architectural shingles. Here are some of the reasons why.

Asphalt Shingles

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Asphalt Shingle roof | Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN

Most homes in the US use asphalt shingles for their benefits, high resistance to environmental conditions included. They are constructed from fiberglass that’s layered in between ceramic-covered granules and asphalt. This results to a coating that resists water and likewise deflects the sun’s harmful UV light.

There is a wide variety in terms of quality. They have passed several wind tests and durability tests. Not only that. There is a low upfront cost for using asphalt shingles. The replacement period differs, depending on the style. One of the best things about this asphalt shingles styles is you have the option to use these, rated as impact-resistant. This variety is cost-efficient and perfect for areas prone to hail. You may even get an attractive discount on your premium for using these.

3-Tab Shingles

The 3-Tab shingles style is fabricated with single-layer materials. These come in at an average of 20 years, 25 years, or even 30 years warranty. It would cost you about $25-$30 for a bundle and can withstand wind gustiness of 60 mph. You do not have much choice since its complexion is flat and has one size and shape.

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Weathered 3 Tab Shingles | Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are fabricated with dual-asphalt shingles stripes coated together. It can weather winds to a maximum of 130 mph. Design-wise, these are more flexible. You have more options to explore for your home’s aesthetics that can last up to 30 years. It would cost you more using architectural shingles, but it proves to be the better choice to invest in in the long run. The average cost per bundle is $35-$45.

Asphalt shingles, in general, are a practical choice. You simply need to weigh each of their uniqueness and ask a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN about them to reach a decision.

Signs That Shingles Are Wearing

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Old Cedar Shake Roof | Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN

It takes an experienced eye not to miss all the tell-tale signs that shingles are wearing. Sometimes, home buyers consider the location more than the actual condition of the house. An aging house with shingles would be beyond repair. Thus, you’re going to have a roof replacement. But how does one really know if it’s needed? This can be tricky and a nightmare, but really, it doesn’t have to be. Start with learning the problems to address them correctly.

The inspection of the entire roofing system is essential, regardless of the materials used. The system is comprised of the deck, underlayment, drip edge, shingles, flashing, fascia, soffit, and vents. A Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN can help identify a deterioration in your roof and prevent leakage and water damages. So, what are these signs?

 The shingles in your roof are cupping or curling

 There are missing granules or bare spots

 There are missing shingles

 The shingles start to buckle

 The roof is aging or old

 There’s a widespread moss growth for a while now

 Hinges are cracked

 Rotting

 Ice damming

 Dark stains on shingles caused by airborne algae

 Flashing is damaged

 Poor workmanship

 Increased electric bill

 Damaged chimney

Additionally, a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN may advise you to consider replacing your roof when the neighboring houses’ roofs built closely at a certain time frame are getting replaced. The same weather conditions have worn the roofing systems. Yours might be getting closer to its usefulness.

Signs of Weather Damage

A reliable Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN establishes the current condition of a home and can recommend preventive maintenance. Moreover, this service helps identify the roof damage and if the changing weather causes it. This article discusses identifying storm damage in greater detail.

You and every homeowner can save money by having a regular, thorough home inspection. Yet, it’s not always the case. The winter snow, the summer’s scorching heat, and other elements contribute to damages and deterioration. As a homeowner, it’s imperative you know the signs of weather damage. Doing so can minimize the existing damage and prevent further future damage.

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The stuff of Roofing Nightmares | Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN

The combined rainfall and wind gust can badly batter a roof. Long-term weathering by nature causes damage that you can no longer salvage when left neglected.

Signs are easy to see, like roof decay. You will find granules or debris from the shingles of the gutter system. These missing parts of the roof leave your property vulnerable.

Sometimes, ascending to the roof is necessary, thus needing a professional inspector. Soft spots on the roofing mean the constant raining has damaged the roof, even resulting to rotting. If the soft and rotten spots are too many and placement is terrible, replacement is required.

Shingles that crack, buckle, or curl is due to happen, especially when the roof is already old or gets beaten by constant snow, hail storm, and storm.

Another commonly weather-damaged part of your roof is your roof valley since rain and snow flow down through the gutters. A shoddy shingles installation largely contributes to its weakness.

What about algae growth and moss buildup? These thrive on wet surfaces and spots. Although they are not technically a sign of immediate roof replacement or repair, a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN warns they can potentially damage the roof over time, not to mention a major eyesore.

The presence of a professional contractor is essential after an extreme weather condition. Bi-annual inspection is ideal for detecting the problems immediately, even before the rainy season or winter season comes.

Issues That Can Happen When A Roof Is Overdue To Be Replaced

The signs of a deteriorating roof are sometimes very subtle and obvious not to miss. Fortunately, a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN ensures the task never misses a spot. The general recommended replacement schedule varies, depending on the materials used. For instance, it takes about 30 to 50 years for rubber roof replacement, 50 to 75 years for metal roofs, and 20 to 25 years for wood types.

Generally, small roof repairs is a small cost to pay than dealing with extensive damage and costly. What issues can arise when roof replacement is overlooked and overdue?

Structural Collapse/Damage

Aside from safety risks, your entire home is most likely to undergo wide-ranging damage. Weakened structural integrity causes roof collapse. Water damage alone is a potential fire-risk. It’s too risky for your property and family once leakage impacts the electrical wirings. Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN roofing inspection warrants you don’t jeopardize your safety.

Leak/Water Damage

A degraded shingle means a weakened roof barrier against elements. The leak starts as elements penetrate and spread in various areas. No. you can’t isolate this damage. Water damage eventually affects the roof and rot. A home inspection determines if you can save one area or two with minimal cost repair. Or else, a costlier replacement is in store for you.

Decreased Property Market Value

Worn-out and aging roof negatively impacts a property’s market value. As a home buyer, you have the leverage to a better deal and fairer price when you know the structure’s actual condition, roofing included. Even if you plan on moving in the future and be a seller yourself, you have an idea of what to do and how to price yours to make an offer confidently.

Presence of Mold and Pest

Roof damage is like a domino effect, from water damage to mold growth and pest infestation. Mold remediation alone can be expensive, and it will be so much more when pest starts to breed due to unrepaired or unreplaced roof. Note that both thrives best in wet, dark environments and are health hazards to anyone living under that roof.

Bigger Bills

Increased bills mean increased energy usage. And why not? A damaged roof allows air to escape, causing the HVAC system to work double time. Keeping a comfortable home then becomes more expensive than necessary. You, putting off roof repair and replacement due to its cost, results to increased expenses.

Cost of A New Roof

Part of hiring a Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN is to know how much it will cost you to have a new roof, should you need one. A sturdy and durable roof protects a home. While you can save from repairs, temporary solutions won’t work at some point. How much money will you have to invest in a new roof?

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Concrete Tile | Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN

The cost to replace such depends on several factors—timing for one. Minor damages are one thing, but irreparable ones is another. There are the materials for replacement and the roof’s size. As mentioned earlier, asphalt shingles can cost around $25-$45 each bundle. Costs may vary from store to store, from one supplier to another, and from state to state.

You also need to consider the cost of labor and other related tasks. Your budget is a significant consideration since you can be more flexible with your choices, depending on how much you can spend. The national average new roof installation cost is around $8079, ranging from $5353 to $10849. In Austin, Texas, the average cost is at $7000, while Denver and other cities cost higher, averaging at $9000. The highest-end is $45000, whereas the lowest-end is about $950.

Importance On Have Roofs Inspected and Serviced

Many homeowners, for some reason, are guilty of inattention to having their roof inspected and serviced. It could be a lack of time or money. Nevertheless, you can never overly stress its importance.

 You are aware of what needs fixing or replacing

 It saves you money in the long run

 It protects and maintains your home’s foundation, overall functionality, and aesthetics

 It keeps and adds value to your home. This article by Owens Corning a Roofing Manufacture considers how roofing color can increase curb value.

 Maximizes your roofing life expectancy

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Plastic Clay Tile Alternative | Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN

 Prevents property and health risks

 You are worry-free, stress-free, and it gives you peace of mind

 An experienced professional, bonded, and insured service provider works on the inspection

 It warrants the job will be done right

 A thorough inspection of both interiors and exteriors of the roof

Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN wants to makes sure Homeowners need to understand that a home upkeep is not a one-time task. You will find this to be never-ending and, at times, daunting. It’s a matter of prioritizing which tasks and projects are more pressing at a given time. Keeping the property’s façade is just as important as ensuring its integrity. The Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN advises early detection and prevention are critical, so never undermine the importance of having your roof inspected and serviced. In this case, no risk is ever worth it. Engage with a competent Home Inspector Murfreesboro TN without delay. Call That One Inspector.