Yearly, there are more than four million home inspections performed. A home inspection is often part of the process of buying a property. A professional home inspector is going to be thorough on your home in checking for safety as well as structural issues your home might have.

A thorough home inspection will cover the whole thing from wiring and roof to the crawlspaces and foundation. A reliable and dependable home inspector will see possible issues with the property which is being sold. A lot of homeowners and real estate agents think of getting a home inspection to be essential.

Who Carries Out Basement Inspections?

That One Inspector is a licensed and certified the state of Tennessee . We do more than shine a light into your basement. We are well-trained on what to look for in a basement and get under your property to search for possible problems.

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Crawlspace storage | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

If you get a professional home inspector’s service to inspect your crawl space, we will have to be able to enter the basement or crawlspace. Small spaces and ductwork might prevent us from coming into your crawl space. Usually, we need an area to be 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide to inspect it. Given that your crawl space is large enough, it has to be safe to enter as well. If the crawl space has electric work, exposed nails, smell of sewer, or standing water, it is possible that the home inspector will deem it not safe for entering. So, this means we will not be able to do a full inspection of the area and will disclose that. Once the crawl space is safe and big enough for the home inspector to go inside, we will perform a complete and thorough assessment of your basement. We will give you a full report of the findings.

One important area which a Home Inspector will look at is your home foundation. Your home foundation and any crawl spaces attached to it will get checked. We will look for many vital things in it.

Fifteen percent of homes in the US have crawl spaces. So, meaning that virtually 2 out of every ten houses will have a crawl space set up. In the South eastern part of the U.S., this number is generally higher. Crawl spaces have pros and cons as opposed to basement foundations or slab.

If your home has a crawl space, you have to think of some things prior to getting it checked and inspected. A Tennessee home Inspector will get into your crawlspace and inspect for an array of problems that might sign a more significant issues with your home.

Too Much Moisture

If your home’s crawl space is exceptionally wet or it has standing water, then the chance of having a crawl space issues is higher. When the crawl space isn’t appropriately protected with the right equipment, the moisture which is trapped inside cannot escape or will evaporate into the floor joists.

Standing water indeed is the most horrible of all because it can harm your home structure. Once the crawl space begins to rot, which shows a significant danger to your floor integrity, floor damage can manifest as uneven flooring or an incline in the rooms above your crawl space.

Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN
This dryer vent is to long, it can cause blockage and a potential fire concern | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

Ventilation and Debris

A Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN will want to ensure that your crawl space is adequately ventilated. Ventilation is vital, as it helps in evaporating the water, which collects naturally in your crawlspace. Debris in your crawl space can be risky. Flammable debris can cause fires to begin underneath your home.

Unusual mustiness and odors can be an indication of greater problems. Once your crawl space has a strange smell from it, you must call a home inspector to check it immediately. Proper ventilation can assists avoid the whole thing from rot to mold. Also, it can lower the level of moisture and, at the same time, deter annoying pests. The home inspector will also inspect the vapor barriers, ensuring that it is working in good condition.


A Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN doesn’t want to see model gathering in your crawl space. The possible annoy or pester of mold elimination will chase away possible buyers for your property. Mold can affect the quality of the air inside and can also threaten health. Anything that puts your health at risk have to be dealt with.

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Old homes don’t always leave room | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

Previous Activities like Renovations

A lot of homeowners in Hendersonville, TN, don’t go into their crawl space most often. This is simply because there’s a need for them to go into the crawlspace most of the time. Crawl spaces can be a time capsule into the history of a home. Previous renovations, as well as home improvements, project, leave traces in this part of your home.

This also shows the age of many important portions of your home. Wires and pipes might be visible in the crawl space, and an expert home inspector in Hendersonville, TN, is able to tell when this stuff was set up and their condition.

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well installed vapor barrier | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

Habitation of Pests

While a crawl space is not intended for a human being to use often, this part of the home is a perfect place for pests or animals. They are dark and have moisture in which animals and insects alike and are between your house and the ground.

Stray animals like cats are amongst the common offenders. Cats will make use of this space, not as their habitat, and become their bathroom. Other animals that find their way into this part of your home are possums, raccoons, and armadillos.


Moisture damage and wood damage are common problems for the flooring exposed to crawl spaces. A home inspector in Hendersonville TN, can check any wood damage by looking at your floor’s diverse parts like metal nails or floorboards. Once there’s a rust on the nails, there is a chance to damage below the surface. To check the condition of your floor’s framing, the home inspector will inspect for indications of damage in the bridging and floor joints, amongst other parts. Home inspectors will also take note of some structure irregularities, so make sure you know these too?

The Importance of Crawl Space Inspection Done by Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

Having the crawl space checked must be on top of your list. It must be checked as often and as watchful as your attic, gutters, basements, and roof. That is how vital it is.

The inspection of crawl space is a smart idea for all homeowners in Tennessee. It tells if the home is safe or not. It can show possible health risks that you are not aware of.

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Old wood | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

If you are selling or buying a home, an inspection must be done before the sale closes. This provides buyers full revelation that they are purchasing.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider home inspection done by an expert:

Spot Possible Issues

A lot of homeowners do not spend so much time in their crawl space. In general, this forgotten part of the home is utilized for the storage of not useful things.

And even when you do get into this place often, it is not likely that you can spot the possible issues. For which you need to call a well-trained expert.

A home inspector in Hendersonville TN will look for things that you cannot see. They can assist in determining issues that will become more extensive problems down the line. In this way, you are able to fix issues prior to costing you a lot.

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I could have slept in this one | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

Crawl Space Problems Can Affect Your Entire House

Issues that originate in the crawl space can result in issues in other parts of your home. Once you have too much moisture or water in the crawl space, it can lead to mildew and mold. This can instantly spread in all parts of your home like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, a bedroom that can put you and your loved ones’ wellbeing at risk.

Moisture and water in the crawl space can also cause considerable damage to the foundation or home supports. It can also affect the insulation of your home. This puts the structure of your property in danger. Wet wood might also attract termites, bugs as well as wood-eating insects.

The fact that crawl space is usually located at the bottom of the house is easy for pests like bugs t find their way in. Once vermin and pests are getting into your house from the crawl space, they can access all parts of your home.

Beyond small pests, rats, mice as well as other animals might make their way to your home via crawl space. When inside, they could make their way into the interior of your home and then reproduce. Also, they can cause harm to your home insulation, plumbing as well as electrical wiring.

It is like that electrical, plumbing as well as cooling and heating issues you are experiencing are due to what is taking place in the crawl space. The same could be said for insulation issues. So, make sure to call a reliable home inspector in Hendersonville TN to do the inspection prior to making the condition worse.

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Tale tale signs of recent moisture | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

Saves Seller and Buyer Time

Crawl space can save time for sellers and buyers in a property sale. As a matter of fact, a lot of real estate agents will need you to have the property checked and inspected. This assists them to know what the selling value must be as it takes into consideration possible repair expenses.

Although a real estate agent does not insist on a home inspection, a buyer might. Once the inspection determines considerable repair costs, they might ask to negotiate the sale price or have the seller do the repair first prior to closing the deal.

By having your crawl space inspection done by a reliable home inspector in Hendersonville TN on a regular basis, you save precious time during a property sale. You already be aware of any problems and can give a potential client the report.

Crawl Space Inspection Steps

A home inspector in Hendersonville TN will break down the process of inspection into various stages, such as entry, superficial inspection, and full look over. Each stage involves the following:

1. Entry: First and foremost, the home inspector in Hendersonville TN needs t gets into the crawl space if they are going to take a look around. So, ensure your crawl space meets the sizing requirements.

2. Superficial Check: Prior to going inside, but after verifying that the entry point of the crawl space is wide enough, the crawl space inspector will look through the entry point to know some exposed construction materials. However, if there are some nails out and electrical cables that are not secured, then the inspector will not continue the inspection. The same goes for the occurrence of standing water and a strong smell of mildew.

3. Complete Assessment: Last but not least, once the home inspector is able to get inside the crawl space securely and with no running into exposed construction materials, he or she will perform a thorough and full inspection.

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Hanging on | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

Crawl Space Inspection is Worth Money and Time

 Keeping all the information mentioned in mind, it is really worthwhile to opt into a crawl space inspection. And it must be done by an expert. While it might be tempting to do the inspection by yourself, you would not be able to perform as detailed of a job as a professional home inspector in Hendersonville, TN, unless you have a qualification. A home inspector in Hendersonville TN needs to get specific certification and licensure from the state of Tennessee to do these kinds of inspections and assessments. Without that background and education, you cannot detect half of the issues with your crawl space, which a professional home inspector might.

If you are worried about the fee or charge, the good news is that many crawl space home inspector offers their service for a low price. In fact, some crawl space repair companies perform a free crawl space inspection. After completing the assessment, they can quote you the expected price of repair, should the crawl space need any.

Reversed Polarity found | Home Inspector in Hendersonville TN

If you try to do the inspection by yourself in an effort to save a considerable amount of money, you might be setting yourself for serious costs in due course. Once you miss any serious issues with the crawl space during your inspection, those issues might grow until it becomes more dangerous as well as costlier to deal with.

Keep this thing in your mind; there is no reason for you to delay the inspection. Reach out to a reliable home inspector in Hendersonville TN today and schedule a home inspection now. A home inspector in Hendersonville TN is reliable and undergoes various training in order to become updated on the latest development in crawl space inspection. Some of them have been in the business for many years, so you are guaranteed the best results.