Have you said to google lately “Home Inspector Clarksville TN?” Or are you looking for a Home Inspector in Clarksville? Well luckily you can say to yourself there is an amazing Home Inspector Near Me, and let’s be real, I think it’s safe to assume there are probably several amazing Home Inspection in Clarksville.

Buying a home in Middle Tennessee is stressful, rather buying a home anywhere is a ton of work and stress with lot’s of last-minute calls saying this document is needed, or that the seller won’t accept that request. On top of that, there are generally lots of unforeseen expenses that can become involved in the process. Having purchased several homes myself as we’ve moved, I wish there was a magic bullet.

Home Inspector Clarksville TN
Home Inspector Clarksville TN

Often when it comes to a Clarksville home inspection this can be almost an afterthought for many people. Which, when you think about it a little, can be a large gamble. When we’ve come to give people a home inspection it’s been many times that the buyer had not considered one until suggested by their realtor.

There are many reasons that it’s incredibly beneficial to not only get a home inspection but to get it by an amazing home inspector. So let’s begin by discussing what is Home Inspection, and what you expect when you get a Clarksville Home Inspection.

Things a Home Inspector Clarksville TN better be checking!

Inspection services that an awesome Home Inspection company such as That One Inspector performs are going to accomplish at a minimum a certain set of criteria.

This is going to include covering basic SOP’s a licensed Clarksville Tennessee Home Inspector must do. Such as:

  • Checking the ground. This is often called grading, what we are wanting is for water to move away from your home. Ideally at least 6 feet. Water is something you will usually hear any Home Inspector in Clarksville TN talk about. There is a good reason for this. Water is NOT a friend of your home.
  • Looking at your roof. There are multiple ways that this can be accomplished. What I like is a combination of two methods. Using the old school method of climbing up a ladder, and when safety permits, walking the roof. I also use a drone when I can’t walk the roof. This enables me to still cover the entire area while gathering high-quality images and data which I give back to you.
  • Check your brick or siding. There are several things that a Home Inspector is looking for here. With brick this includes, looking at the cracks, how big are they? Home many are there? Do they run the entire course of a wall? With siding, we’ll be looking at things such as has it been installed correctly? Is it damaged, or missing panels? Are there areas where insects are making nests or entering into the home?
  • We’ll also be looking at some of the external hookups. This includes electrical. Most houses have at least a few electrical receptacles and there are several things that they need to have, especially based on the age of the installation. This includes, are they protected from the weather? Are they on GFCI protected, (this doesn’t have to be that outlet). As well as the fundamentals such as grounding.
  • Along with Electrical, we’ll also check out your water pressure. In most cases, there is an ideal range that we are looking for in the area between 40 and 90 psi. While this is a wide span, it is surprisingly common to find water pressure outside this range. Issues that can arise go from just being annoying, to actually damaging equipment within the home.

There is obviously much more that will be checked but this list can give you some basic ideas of things that are checked, just on the outside!

That One Inspector can help

If you’re ready for an amazing Home Inspector for Clarksville or Home inspectors in Nashville TN,  please give us a call to discuss how we may assist you with your home buying journey. Because with That One Inspector, you may forget the Name, but You Will Remember the Service!