Help when you consider the home inspection cost.

Home Inspection Cost is a balancing act many a home inspector attempts with price cost and quality.

Home Inspection Cost is a balance act with other factors.

Home Inspection Cost, what is the Cost of a Home Inspection. This article will be discussing the home inspection cost and what cost you should expect to have in your home inspection.

Before discussing the Home Inspection Cost let’s first review a little bit of history regarding home inspections as stated by wikipedia:

home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale of that home. Home inspections are usually conducted by a home inspector who has the training and certifications to perform such inspections.

The inspector prepares and delivers to the client a written report of findings. The client then uses the knowledge gained to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase. The home inspector describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection but does not guarantee future condition, efficiency, or life expectancy of systems or components.

A home inspector is sometimes confused with a real estate appraiser. A home inspector determines the condition of a structure, whereas an appraiser determines the value of a property. In the United States, although not all states or municipalities regulate home inspectors, there are various professional associations for home inspectors that provide education, training, and networking opportunities.

A professional home inspection is an examination of the current condition of a house. It is not an inspection to verify compliance with appropriate codes; building inspection is a term often used for building code compliance inspections in the United States. A similar but more complicated inspection of commercial buildings is a property condition assessment. Home inspections identify problems but building diagnostics identifies solutions to the found problems and their predicted outcomes.

Some sources say the first known home inspection company, Home Equity Loss Protection Services dba/H.E.L.P.S.(Glen Ellyn, IL), was founded by Christopher P. Nolan and Loyola Professor, Mark Goodfriend. Mr. Nolan was initially inspired by Coldwell Banker Realtor, Carole Kelby, a top producer from Wheaton, IL. He first trained DuPage County Deputy Sheriff, George Wick, as H.E.L.P.S. first official Home Inspector.

Years later, the company was officially incorporated in the early 1980s by Jane Garvey, surviving wife of Professor Mark Goodfriend of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, following its purchase from Christopher P. Nolan. As a founder of the home inspection business and entrepreneur, Mr. Nolan was inspired to create a comprehensive system of home inspections. He found because as an investor of distressed real estate (then a nationally recognized real estate expert and speaker for Lowry Seminars) he realized a need to have skilled professionals inspect key areas of the home prior to his purchases in order to mitigate the risk of his investments.[1]

Other sources suggest that the Home Inspection profession was started, in 1938, by the father of Marvin Goldstein, President of Building Inspection Services, Inc. and a founding member of ASHI

The Home Inspection Cost is one thing you are going to have to consider and schedule as you enter into the final stages of purchasing your home. When purchasing your dream house, or even your right now we’ll live in it for a few years and then upgrade home, the gambit of things that have to be done can seem almost endless. You have requests coming at you from all over, things your S.O. keeps adding as necessities, as well as factoring in moving to your new place. So it’s no surprise that the home inspection cost is something that basically everyone considers. But, the home inspection cost while important should not be the sold factor in choosing your Tennessee Home Inspector.

Let’s be honest, for very few people the home inspection cost is not one of the major factor’s. Not just the home inspection cost,  but cost in general for a majority of purchasing decisions. Money needs to go a little farther these days, after all you’re buying a house! Your about to receive all the joys and not so joyous parts that accompany this decision. But remember the home inspection cost in comparison with your home ownership, is almost nothing.

When you compare a Nashville TN home inspector their home inspection costs there are several things that you should consider. And maybe more importantly set your expectations accordingly to.

  1. Are they licensed? The great Tri-Star state of Tennessee requires that home inspectors be licensed. This includes carrying some minimum levels of insurance. These are called Errors and Omissions and then a general liability policy. In my opinion this a good thing but it will also factor into the home inspection cost. Most people I think are fair in assuming that their inspector is qualified to do so. Make sure they are. Ask for their license number. Or if you want to be a little more thorough, it’s easy to check on the state website.
  2. What is included? Obviously what is being delivered affects the home inspection cost. For many inspection companies this list varies DRAMATICALLY. Example, some base inspections my not include the crawlspace (this is then up-charged) and in Nashville and the surrounding areas there are a lot of home with crawlspaces. While specific feelings on what’s included or not vary,  it’s important to be aware of what you are getting and can expect.
  3. Training factors into the home inspection cost. This should be a continuous thing for most people, regardless of your profession. Everyone should continue to hone their skills. Home Inspectors in Tennessee are required to do some continuing education as part of their license and renewal. Having said that, there is large learning disparity between minimum CU’s and actively honing your craft. A home inspection who is eagerly learning more will have a little higher home inspection cost as they invest in themselves and can bring more knowledge to your home ins

As I get older I realize more and more that while there are many unique things about me as a person. There are equally if not more things that are very similar most other people. One of these is factoring of cost into most of my decisions. When buying your new place, the Home Inspection cost is one of the major factors people place on deciding whom or which home inspector near you to choose.

While I don’t think anyone can dismiss this, it’s important to remember the home inspection cost is generally set where it is for a reason.

Just like in all business, different types of Home Inspectors go about doing there business with different goals in mind. Some set out targeting primarily very large, high end homes and then charge a premium for this service accordioning. Other’s swing to the other end of the spectrum and charge many times a flat rate of 200 dollars with the goal being they will make it up in volume. When their home inspection cost is that though, they have to move fast to make money, and thereby are not as focused on thoroughness and quality.

While this can sound great, especially for the home owner, there are a few very important things to consider with this group. Working in the industry I can tell you, it is REALLY hard to provide a decent level of quality if you are trying to slam down 3+ inspections in a day. What does this equate to for the client/homebuyer. A lackluster job done by the inspector, often either omitting checking certain areas of the home, or just flat out missing them, in which case, the lesser home inspection cost that is not quality is in essence, wasted time and time.

Now within the Nashville Tennessee Home Inspector market, we are fortunate enough to have a wide variety of people within the profession. Ranging from the top of the price point down to the bottom.

5 Items that factor into the Home Inspection Cost

Most of my fellow inspectors that charge a little for their home inspection cost all to way to a quite a bit more than the bottom level home inspection cost companies do so for several reasons. Here are two I’ve seen that generally includes:

In conclusion regarding your Home Inspection Cost

There are some many items a person must consider factoring into the home inspection cost. This list contains some of the more general broad questions and items considered in a home inspection cost quote that you are going to receive. When you begin to look for your dream home, get a home inspector that delivers quality. The value of a good home inspector will far outweigh the home inspection cost they may charge to deliver you a quality product.

Thank you for reading this article regarding home inspection cost, and the items that factor into the home inspection cost you are receiving when you get a quote for your home inspection cost.