Your house reflects and reveals so many things about you. Thus, it is very important that you consider a lot of things especially when you are planning to build or buy one. To some people, cracks seen in a building or a house’s foundation may seem to be normal and harmless. However, there are a lot of things that foundation cracks mean which you need to think about.

Let’s discuss the different types of cracks, determine what types are bad, and when these are considered a problem and get a home inspection in Murfreesboro TN. This article will uncover the essential things that every future homeowner like you should know. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Commonly observed settlement cracking | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

The Different Types of Foundation Cracks and How to Fix Them

Not all cracks seen in a foundation are considered serious and damaging. So, it is only vital that you are aware as to what is normal and what needs fixing. By learning the types of these foundation cracks, you will not only be able to prevent a serious problem regarding your house but will also save yourself from unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Horizontal Crack, Vertical Crack, diagonal crack, stair step crack | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

In addition, knowing the different kinds of cracks will help you determine the best fix for them or who is the best to call to fix them after your home inspection in Murfreesboro TN..  Read on as we’ll discuss some of the most important information regarding cracks and some good tips to help keep your home in as it should be, ie: not crumbling… 🙂

1. Vertical Foundation Cracks

home inspeciton in murfreesboro tn Vertical Cracking
Vertical cracking | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

This type of foundation cracks is the most common and also the less serious type. It is often seen in during a Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN while inspecting homes built more than two years prior and can often used to gauge the age of your property. The pressure caused by the rain is the main culprit for this type of foundation crack and it can easily be fixed by sealing them with a water-resistant type of epoxy or injecting polyurethane. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Poorly patched vertical crack | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

The distance of the foundation to the gutter is also very important to note when building your house as clogged gutters often result in this type of crack. Also, if you want to avoid having this type observed before receiving a Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN that checks for cracks in your foundation, it is best that you consider beforehand the importance of strategic landscaping. Moving water away from your foundation can never be under estimated, for a multitude of reasons, one of which is foundation issues.

2. Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks are considered the most serious type of cracks seen in a foundation. This type is one which every homeowner does not want to encounter as it is an indication of a grave structural issue and needs to be attended to at the soonest possible time. 

Horizontal cracks are caused by a lot of things which include unrestrained backfilling as well as the hard smash of heavy equipment during the construction stage. Frost heave is also considered to be a serious cause for horizontal cracks. 

The moment you noticed foundation cracks that are horizontal in form, make sure that you monitor whether these small cracks progress into a worse state or just stay as is. If the cracks become worse, it is vital to get a home inspection in Murfreesboro TN from reputable repair contractors for assessment and proper advice as to how to fix them.

3. Diagonal Cracks

Diagonal cracks do not bring the same danger and threat as horizontal cracks. However, this type is not also one to be neglected and unchecked as it may progress to become a source of worry and serious structural problem. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Diagonal Crack | Home Inspection In Murfreesboro TN

This type of crack is commonly seen when certain parts of your house settle quicker than others. This is the result when there is an obvious tension in settlement.  Diagonal cracks are very usual in houses built in hills or in houses located in the area where the soil has rapid movement or condition of deterioration. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Diagonal Crack | Home Inspection In Murfreesboro TN

Diagonal cracks can be prevented or fixed the same way as vertical cracks. The only difference is the quantity of the materials which will be used to stop or stabilize the movement. Regardless of this crack being less serious, it is still recommended that you ask your repair contractor to visit your area and evaluate the problem. With this, it is easier for them to determine where the settlement is present and recommend the appropriate measure to address the issue. 

4. Stair-step Cracks

Stair-step cracks are the most dangerous type of crack as the small joint of a crack often leads to tapering down or climbing up to different parts of the house. This type of crack is caused by the difference in settlement just like the diagonal types. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Large Step Cracking | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

Since it is considered to be the most dangerous type of foundation cracks, especially when it is noted to be expanding, it is best that you contact your local repair contractor the moment these cracks are discovered. With this, you will be able to prevent further damage and spend less money for repairs. Early detection is always preferable and will in almost every case save you money. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Repaired Step Cracking | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

5. Basement Floor Hairline Cracks

This type of crack may not post similar danger to the abovementioned cracks but it sure will disturb you the same way. This type of crack only affects the appearance of the house especially that it tends to spread across the room. 

While having any type of cracking in your floor is less than ideal and for many people is kind of an eyesore, you should wait at least 1 year before attempting to repair with a cement patch or caulk.

The discussion above intends to give you some hope when it comes to determining the best course of action in regards to the cracks in your home before you schedule a home inspection in Murfreesboro TN.. With the information provided above, the goal is that you you can have a wider understanding as to the different types of cracks and which ones should be dealt with immediately and which ones you may either choose to ignore or wait until a later time to repair.

Types of Foundation Cracks and Symptoms

While it has been discussed to you in the previous section the different types of foundation cracks, it is still best that we also include specific instances which these cracks, regardless of type, be considered harmful so you know when to seek the experts’ help to conduct a home inspection in Murfreesboro TN.

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Different foundation cracks | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

Structural engineers can help you determine the gravity of the crack problem and may be referred to after you get a Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN; they can more fully determine the causes and the best way to fix all of them. In addition, they also make sure that your building or the building which you are planning to purchase is in line with the local building code.  

The specific things enumerated below are the eight factors or signs of foundation issues which indicate you need the help of a structural engineer.

1. If the crack progresses from one thin hairline to a larger than hairline crack.

2. There is an obvious development of a bulge in the foundation.

3. When the crack zigzags upward, develops further even in the outside wall of the house or results in cracks in bricks. 

4. When the interior walls are already affected by the crack or if the cracks already include the ceiling. 

5. When there is an obvious gap between the door and the door frame. 

6. When the door is very difficult to open or close. 

7. When the floor begins to tilt. 

8. When there is an unexplainable increase of water usage. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN and Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are one of the most serious causes of damage to your home found in a Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN. If you are looking for a house or are planning to sell one, there are foundation issues which home inspector checks for them to evaluate the property and to determine whether it is a good or a bad deal. 

Since it has become a puzzle to many what exactly do these professionals check during home inspection in Murfreesboro TN, we are here to answer your question. This discussion will focus solely on the foundation issues which most home-buyers or homeowners should really consider. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Crack from bowing | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

1. Bulges in the Foundation Wall

Home Inspectors check the foundation walls and verify if there are bulges in the walls which are caused by an uneven load. Foundation walls need to be level. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Hydrostatic Pressure | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

2. Moisture Present in the Exterior of the Home

Moisture that is present in the exterior part of the home can be a cause of broken pipes. Thus, you, as the homeowner or home-buyer should also be mindful of this factor. 

3. Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are another indication of a foundation issue. A Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN looks for buckling parts in your home or they may use a ball to test whether there is shifting foundation or not. 

4. Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors should open and close smoothly. Home Inspectors believe that if the door is jammed or is very difficult to close or open, there is a chance that the foundation has moved and that is not an impressive indicator. 

5. Wood Support

The wood support in your property should be free from mold or moisture as it may lead to warping or rotting. This will eventually add to the weakening of the support in your home building. 

Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN
Old Home Wooden Support | Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN

6. Pipes 

While at a Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN the inspector checks the pipes for possible leaks. Leaks can be another indication for foundation issues which need to be located the soonest possible time as it may affect the other parts of the house. 

Our Two Cents

The details provided in this article as recommended by home inspectors intend to guide you in evaluating the foundation and foundation cracks in your home. In this article, it has been laid out which type of foundation crack is normal and which one brings harm to the house structure so you know when to get a home inspection in Murfreesboro TN. The foundation types are also enumerated for you to know which one best suits your preferences. 

The signs of foundational issues are also included for you to personally gauge the property’s needs; whether you fulfill these needs by yourself or you need a professional help.

The works that structural engineers do are vital factors regardless if you are purchasing or selling a home. Thus, it is only imperative that you are sure when to call one for home inspection in Murfreesboro TN.

Today, the world is becoming less predictable especially when it comes to climate changes and other natural calamities. What having a Home Inspection in Murfreesboro TN knowing all these things will help you ensure that the structure of your house is safe and that is made to last for many years. After all, there is nothing more convenient than knowing that your house or would-be-house is a safe for you and your loved ones.

When you are ready to schedule your home inspection in Murfreesboro TN give That One Inspector a call. You may forget our name, you will remember the service!