Your 10 items a Nashville TN Home Inspector is looking for in your Home Inspection.

You need a HOME INSPECTION! You also need it done by someone who is worth paying! There I said it, with that out of the way, let’s discuss ūüôā Home inspections are a final and major step in most home buying transactions.

This is not a position that a home inspector should take lightly. We are often entrusted as a final voice of the client (generally the buyer) to give them our recommendations and cautions. It requires a certain amount of nuance in many situations. For many people buying, their Nashville TN Home Inspector gives them one final last say as to whether they want to move forward with the buying process or may need to rethink their options.

For this reason there are many Real Estate Agents that do not particularly like Home Inspectors. I’ve heard us referred to way to often as “Deal Killers”. First let me quickly address this point. I never am out to kill a deal. Sadly I have met more Nashville TN Home Inspectors than I’d like who do enjoy killing the deal. I don’t. Why you might ask? I think it sucks.

It’s worth mentioning that no home is perfect.

When people hire me to inspect their potential future home in Nashville, Clarksville or anywhere else in Middle Tennessee they are almost always really excited. For most people this is huge flippin deal! And at this point the back and forth with the underwriters, banks, other seller negotiations have not yet come into play so they are excited. And rightfully so, they should be. Owning a home for most people is a major goal and something they may have been working towards for many years.

So when I have to give them some news that I’ve found some major problems with a home, it’s not fun. While most are thankful (I’ve potentially saved them thousands of dollars) that excitement has just been extinguished. But, luckily more often than not, this is not case. Now as a Home Inspector in Nashville TN I have never come across a perfect home. If I ever do I honestly would get even more suspicious.

It’s worth mentioning that no home is perfect. How could they be, they are lived in by people, and we wear stuff, fix stuff(less than ideally), or don’t fix stuff and let it continue to get worse. Not even a brand new, never been lived in one. There is always something on a new home, there shouldn’t be ton’s of issues but you’ll find some. The contractors working on most home have a lot to get done and likely not a lot of time to get it done so, on occasion, corners are cut.

You don’t need to worry though, that is what you are paying Home Inspector for. We will find these type of things and let you know, objectively what they are. You can then decide if it is worth fixing.


With that let’s now look at 10 items a Nashville TN Home Inspector is checking in your Home Inspection.


  1. Downspouts should route water away from the home (ideally 6ft) and extensions tubes may be recommended. This is a SUPER common one I see 75%+ of the time. While easy, water hitting against your foundation is no bueno (not good). A quick trip to a hardware store can take care of this for you.
  2. Cracked plumbing boots on the roof allow water penetration. Those pipes sticking out of your roof need to be there. They vent gas and ensure proper function of your plumbing system among other things. Unfortunately, every protrusion or hole going through the roof is a potential failure point and the main point of shell of your house is to get rid of water. A water leak through the roof to the ceiling can cause massive damage if gone unchecked for some time.
  3. The HVAC condensation discharge pipe is not extended away and pooling water. Again, water near the home is bad. Condensation can be normal, or it can be signs of issues with the Unit. Regular maintenance pays off!
  4. It is recommended to have a¬†moisture barrier under a crawl space house and no standing water. Again, it’s all about moisture. It comes up from the ground and can negatively affect the space with spores(mold) and other issues to your floor joists.
  5. Ground Fault Circuits or GFCI do not work or are missing. The are the outlets with two buttons on them in most cases. They are a safety feature and many codes and jurisdictions require them in certain areas.
  6. A¬†water heater that doesn’t have a drain to the outside or a pan to catch overflow or leaks is a problem. Water heaters on occasion have issues and water comes out. Let’s make sure water has a safe place to go that isn’t on your stuff.
  7. Speaking of water heaters, TPR valves. These are a HUGE item. In a nutshell they protect your water heater from becoming a bomb (I’m not exaggerating..). If a water heater malfunctions that pressure needs to be safely released. That is what a TPR valve is for. If it’s missing this is a safety issue.Nashville TN Home Inspector
  8. Trees are too close to the house,¬†rubbing against the roof or their roots are encroaching. Vegetation spreads up wear on your home and can invite things you probably don’t want crawling inside your home.
  9. Roof condition. Any Nashville TN Home Inspector knows most around here have asphalt shingle roofs. They are the standard. They last upwards of 25 years, can be replaced easy, and most look pretty nice. We’ll be checking the loss of granules (the very small rocks), cracking, nail pops, and other factors.
    Nashville TN Home Inspector
  10. Leaks under a sinks, dripping faucets, low water pressure and slow drains. Lot’s on this list has to do with water related issues. While water is your body’s best friend, your house cannot say the same. Essentially, water that is not controlled anywhere we are going to have issue.

 So with this list it has given us some of the more obvoius things that one whose a Nashville TN Home Inspector is likely to come across. Honestly all 10 of these items are things that anyone performing your Home Inspection better be checking.

If you’re ready to schedule a Home Inspection in Nashville TN, or anywhere in Middle TN. Give us a call or Contact Us and schedule your Service Worth Remembering.